December 7-9, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


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Friday - 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

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Hyatt - Empire C
  It’s Time for a Refill!   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Janet Corder, J2 Training
Email:  janet.corder@gmail.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Joan Gore
Hyatt - Empire D
  Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Tony Vincent, Learning in Hand
Email:  tony@learninginhand.com

Hyatt - Foster 1
  Bridging the Gap with Technology   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Angela Lee, Devall Middle School
Email:  angela.lee@wbrschools.net

Hyatt - Foster 2
  More than Movement: Go Noodle in the Classroom   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Jessica  Vicknair, Mayfair Laboratory School
Email:  jessicavicknair7@gmail.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Kristi Dunckelman
Hyatt - Strand 10A
  Empower Teachers and Drive Student Growth with the Best-in-Class K-12 Education Technology Platform   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Sam Sale, PowerSchool Group, LLC
Email:  sam.sale@powerschool.com

Hyatt - Strand 10B
  Make Work Rule! Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Lead   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Britton Picciolini, Google
Email:  britton@google.com

Hyatt - Strand 11A
  In Need Indeed   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Marcie Rome, Barbe High School
Email:  marcie.rome@cpsb.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Danette Manuel
Hyatt - Strand 11B
  Keyboarding for Digital Learners   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Gia Deleveaux, Marie Bou K12
Email:  gia@mariebouk12.com

Hyatt - Strand 12A
  3 P's in a Nearpod   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Courtney Dumas, Gonzales Middle School
Email:  courtney.dumas@apsb.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Miranda Britt
Hyatt - Strand 12B
  Cite That - Using Library of Congress Archives and Digital Tools to Capture Student Interest   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Ruth Brewington, T H Harris Middle School
Email:  harrislibrary@gmail.com

Hyatt - Strand 13A
  Does Your ClassDojo?   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Maggie Punch, South Lafourche High School/Nicholls State University
Email:  mpunch@its.nicholls.edu

Co-Presenter(s):  Kimberley Du
Hyatt - Strand 13B
  Using Data Daily   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Charles Anderson, Concordia Parish
Email:  anderson@cpsbla.us

Hyatt - Strand 7
  Chromebooks Purchased and Delivered, Now What?   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Matthew Chauvin, St. Charles Parish Public Schools
Email:  mchauvin1@stcharles.k12.la.us

Co-Presenter(s):  Rhonda Schexnayder
Hyatt - Strand 8
  Supporting Innovation in Your Schools   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Amy Brown, CDWG
Email:  amybrow@cdw.com

Hyatt - Strand 9
  Harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Personalize Your Device and Increase Productivity   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Ashley (Nash) Lavine, Saint Louis Catholic High School
Email:  alavine@slchs.org