December 7-9, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


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Friday - 10:00 am - 10:50 am

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Hyatt - Empire C
  Increase Your Super Human Skills with Nearpod   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Janet Corder, J2 Training
Email:  janet.corder@gmail.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Joan Gore
Hyatt - Empire D
  Do It Yourself Study Aids: Winning Websites and Apps   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Tony Vincent, Learning in Hand
Email:  tony@learninginhand.com

Hyatt - Foster 1
  Level Up! Gamify a Curriculum Unit   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Holley Fontenot, St. Louis Catholic High School
Email:  hfontenot@slchs.org

Hyatt - Foster 2
  Flip It!: Using a Flipped Classroom Model for Instructional Coaching   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Teniesha Mahoney, Southwood High School
Email:  teniesha.mahoney@gmail.com

Hyatt - Strand 10A
  The Price is Right! Free Tech Tools to Create Winning Lessons   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Mitzi Vincent, CPSB Tech Training
Email:  mitzi.vincent@cpsb.org

Hyatt - Strand 10B
  Using the Showbie App to Create a Paperless Classroom   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Anna Saleme, Central Catholic High School
Email:  asaleme@htdiocese.org

Hyatt - Strand 11A
  Scratch: Coding for Kids Who Live in a Digital World   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Mike Rabourn, First Baptist Church School
Email:  mrabourn@fbcschool.org

Hyatt - Strand 11B
  15 Chrome Extensions You and Your Students Need to Use   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Paula  Naugle, Bissonet Plaza
Email:  plnaugle@gmail.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Evie Vollenweider
Hyatt - Strand 12A
  Virtual Education: The Future Is Now!   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Keegan Cruse, LAVCA
Email:  kcruse@lavirtual.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Casey Tripp
Hyatt - Strand 12B
  Are You 'Assess Obsessed'?   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Kristen Kenney, Lakewood Elementary
Email:  kkenney@stcharles.k12.la.us

Co-Presenter(s):  Heather LeBlanc
Hyatt - Strand 13A
  Let's Get Interactive!   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Amy Vaccarella, St. Mary Parish Schools
Email:  avaccarella@stmaryk12.net

Hyatt - Strand 13B
  Differentiation to Reach Mastery in ELA   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Cathy Gambel, Champ Cooper School
Email:  Cathy.Gambel@tangischools.org

Hyatt - Strand 7
  #LAWRITES: Our Story of the Great Flood 2016   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Nikole Blanchard, The Dunham School
Email:  nikole.blanchard@dunhamschool.org

Hyatt - Strand 8
  The Filter Revolution Your School Has Been Waiting For!   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Scott Meeks, Lightspeed Systems
Email:  zfinch@lightspeedsystems.com

Hyatt - Strand 9
  On the Horizon: Examining the NMC's 2016 Report and the Implications for Louisiana Teachers   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Dustin Whitlock, Ruston High School
Email:  dustin.whitlock@lincolnschools.org