December 7-9, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


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Friday - 9:00 am - 9:50 am

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Hyatt - Empire C
  Watch Your Classroom Explode with Cool Web Tools   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Janet Corder, J2 Training
Email:  janet.corder@gmail.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Joan Gore
Hyatt - Empire D
  Producing Powerful (and Pretty) Infopics   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Tony Vincent, Learning in Hand
Email:  tony@learninginhand.com

Hyatt - Foster 1
  Story Maps: Empowering Students to Tell the Story of the Great Flood of 2016   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Eric Brownfield, East Ascension High School
Email:  eric.brownfield@apsb.org

Hyatt - Foster 2
  STEM in Elementary School   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Lauren Lloyd, Ball Elementary
Email:  lauren.lloyd@rpsb.us

Hyatt - Strand 10A
  Implementing Google Apps for Education in Your District   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Luke Purdy, Technology Department
Email:  luke.purdy@rpsb.us

Hyatt - Strand 10B
  The Adventures of an Elementary Robotics Club   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Emily Swenson, Peabody Montessori Elementary
Email:  emily.swenson@rpsb.us

Hyatt - Strand 11A
  QuickKey Mobile Assessment   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Cecilia Jernigan, Lake Arthur High School
Email:  cecilia.jernigan@jdpsbk12.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Amanda Fontenot, Shannon McSwain, Christopher Martin
Hyatt - Strand 11B
  Got Plickers??   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
LeeAnn Reon, Kaufman Elementary
Email:  leeann.reon@cpsb.org

Hyatt - Strand 12A
  Click It, the Formative Impact!   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Taschica Hansley, West St. John Elementary School
Email:  taschica@bellsouth.net

Co-Presenter(s):  Nadine Stewart
Hyatt - Strand 12B
  Capture Chroma Creativity in Your Classroom   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Tanika Randle, Oak Park Middle School
Email:  tanika.randle@cpsb.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Lawanda Donald
Hyatt - Strand 13A
  Building Literacy Skills Through the Use of Technology   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Marlyn  Guillen, L.W. Higgins Senior High School
Email:  Marlyn.Guillen@jppss.k12.la.us

Hyatt - Strand 13B
  Tech Starter Kit   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Courtney Hebert, St. George Catholic School
Email:  courtney.hebert@sgschoolbr.org

Hyatt - Strand 7
  Get Organized with OneNote   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Wiley Brazier, East Baton Rouge Parish School System
Email:  wbrazier@ebrschools.org

Hyatt - Strand 8
  Ways to Analyze the CSV LEAP Data File   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Steven Comfort, West Feliciana Parish School Board
Email:  Comfort@wfpsb.org

Hyatt - Strand 9
  Technology Tips for Teachers   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Katrina Jordan, Northwestern State University
Email:  doctorkj1996@gmail.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Michelle Brunson