December 7-9, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


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Friday - 8:00 am - 8:50 am

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Hyatt - Empire C
  These are a Few of Our Favorite Apps   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Janet Corder, J2 Training
Email:  janet.corder@gmail.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Joan Gore
Hyatt - Empire D
  The Wonderful World of Web Widgets   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Tony Vincent, Learning in Hand
Email:  tony@learninginhand.com

Hyatt - Foster 1
  Bringing Lessons to Life with Augmented and Virtual Realities   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Cindy Wallace, Marshall ISD
Email:  wallacecp@marshallisd.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Lisa Dick
Hyatt - Foster 2
  Think OUTSIDE the BOX   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Ashleigh Schulz, Moss Bluff Elementary
Email:  ashleigh.schulz@cpsb.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Anthea Lambert
Hyatt - Strand 10A
  Lesson Plans for the Tech-Integrated Classroom   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Kathlyn Grubb, Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School
Email:  kgrubb@episcopaldayschool.org

Hyatt - Strand 10B
  Jazzin Up Your Classroom   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Sherry Dattola, Oak Park Middle School
Email:  sherry.dattola@cpsb.org

Hyatt - Strand 11A
  Apps that Assess   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Katie Chirhart, Shreve Island Elementary
Email:  kchirhart@caddoschools.org

Hyatt - Strand 11B
  Google Classroom - Creation to Grading   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Lea Ann Hawkins-Fisher, Pineville High School
Email:  LeaAnn.fisher@rpsb.us

Hyatt - Strand 12A
  So You Wanna Program   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Michael Duff, F.K. White Middle School
Email:  michael.duff@cpsb.org

Co-Presenter(s):  William Maricle, Kelli Miguez
Hyatt - Strand 12B
  Gadgets and Gizmos and Google, Oh, My!   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Terri Simpson, Maplewood Middle School
Email:  terri.simpson@cpsb.org

Hyatt - Strand 13A
  Incorporating Technology in Your Lesson   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Ashley Guillory, Maplewood Elementary School
Email:  ashley.guillory@cpsb.org

Hyatt - Strand 13B
  PowerPoint…More Than a Slideshow!   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Phyllis Derise, Technology Department
Email:  phyllis.derise@cpsb.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Yvette Ardoin
Hyatt - Strand 7
  So You’ve Been Asked to Teach Coding and Robotics. Now what?   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Lauren Johnson, St. Peter School
Email:  ljohnson@stpetercov.org

Hyatt - Strand 8
  Free Internet Resources for Any Classroom   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Rhonda Crawford, Pine Junior/Senior High
Email:  rcrawford.phs@wpsb.org

Hyatt - Strand 9
  Arduino: What is it and What it Means for STEM Teaching   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Pavel Samsonov, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Email:  psamsonov@louisiana.edu

Co-Presenter(s):  Jalel Hmida