December 7-9, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


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Thursday - 4:10 pm - 5:20 pm

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Hyatt - Bolden 1
  Music and Media Mayhem: A Guide to Digital Media in the Classroom  
Alayna  Dugas, Ascension Episcopal School
Email:  adugas@aesgators.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Morgan Vondenstein, NeeKee McDonald
Hyatt - Bolden 2
  What's So Sweet About G suite (formerly Google apps)?  
Tracie King, Delgado Community College
Email:  tnking@dcc.edu

Co-Presenter(s):  Michael Roussell
Hyatt - Bolden 3
  Meet Mathspace: The World's Smartest Adaptive Math Program  
Donna Vorenkamp, Mathspace
Email:  dvorenkamp@mathspace.co

Hyatt - Bolden 4
  Google Apps for Beginners  
Alicia Ward, Kehoe-France School
Email:  avwardkf@gmail.com

Hyatt - Bolden 5
  3D Printing; The Next Revolutionary Technology  
Lynda Delo, CE Byrd High School
Email:  ljdelo@caddoschools.org

Hyatt - Bolden 6
  Get Your Classroom Cooking: Mix, Blend, and Flip Lessons  
Melanie LeJeune, St. Louis Catholic High School
Email:  mlejeune@slchs.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Linda Gail Shumaker