December 7-9, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, LA


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Thursday - 12:30 pm - 1:20 pm

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Hyatt - Empire C
  Slammin’, Jammin’ Apps & Apptivities   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Janet Corder, J2 Training
Email:  janet.corder@gmail.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Joan Gore
Hyatt - Empire D
  Clone Yourself with QR Codes   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Tony Vincent, Learning in Hand
Email:  tony@learninginhand.com

Hyatt - Foster 1
  Integrating Robotics into Elementary and Middle Grades Math   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Ashley Townsend, Oak Grove Primary School
Email:  ashley.townsend@apsb.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Jenny Bruno
Hyatt - Foster 2
  Sharing Individualized Student Data with Students to Promote Success using Google Education   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Hasan Suzuk, Kenilworth Science and Technology School
Email:  hsuzuk@kenilworthst.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Hifzullah Celik
Hyatt - Strand 10A
  LiveBinders ­ Digital Filing Cabinet With a Click   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Danna Bouey, Southeast Assistive Technology Center
Email:  dbouey@yahoo.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Josh Miller
Hyatt - Strand 10B
  Can We Talk? I Tech Tub, You Can Tech Tub Too!   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Melinda Blache, Woodland Park Magnet School
Email:  melinda.blache@tangischools.org

Hyatt - Strand 11A
  Getting a Jump Start on Career and Technical Education for All Learners   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Misty Blackmon, Odysseyware
Email:  mblackmon@odysseyware.com

Hyatt - Strand 11B
  Using Scholastic News in the School Library   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Kelli Broussard, Magnolia Elementary School
Email:  kelbroussard@iberia.k12.la.us

Hyatt - Strand 12A
  What Comes Next in Wi-Fi: Why Increasing Speed Isn’t Enough   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Alexandra Gates, Aerohive Networks
Email:  agunther@aerohive.com

Hyatt - Strand 12B
  Tools For The Modern Classroom   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Angela Ardoin, Promethean
Email:  angela.ardoin@prometheanworld.com

Co-Presenter(s):  Matt Barfield
Hyatt - Strand 13A
  Multiplication and Division Problem-Solving Models   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Stephanie Purser, Covington Educational Center
Email:  stephanie.purser@stpsb.org

Hyatt - Strand 13B
  Escape the Traditional Classroom with Breakout EDU! - Elementary   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Kristy  Rocquin, TPSS Technology Department
Email:  kristy.rocquin@tangischools.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Amy Ard, Kathy Prine, Dina Spears
Hyatt - Strand 7
  Technology Support and Service: Fostering Student Leadership through Local & International Tech Integration   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
John Richardson, St. Joseph's Academy
Email:  richardsonj@sjabr.org

Co-Presenter(s):  Colette Burke, Krysia Sherburne
Hyatt - Strand 8
  Sailing into SAMR   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
LaShona Dickerson, Lafayette Parish School System
Email:  ladickerson@lpssonline.com

Hyatt - Strand 9
  Technology in Math Class   Concurrent (50 min. Session)
Therra Williams, Morgan City Junior High
Email:  twilliams@stmaryk12.net