December 7-9, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, LA




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8:00 am - 8:50 am These are a Few of Our Favorite Apps
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

The Wonderful World of Web Widgets
Tony Vincent

Bringing Lessons to Life with Augmented and Virtual Realities
Cindy Wallace
Lisa Dick

Ashleigh Schulz
Anthea Lambert

So You’ve Been Asked to Teach Coding and Robotics. Now what?
Lauren Johnson

Free Internet Resources for Any Classroom
Rhonda Crawford

Arduino: What is it and What it Means for STEM Teaching
Pavel Samsonov
Jalel Hmida

Lesson Plans for the Tech-Integrated Classroom
Kathlyn Grubb

Jazzin Up Your Classroom
Sherry Dattola

Apps that Assess
Katie Chirhart

Google Classroom - Creation to Grading
Lea Ann Hawkins-Fisher

So You Wanna Program
Michael Duff
William Maricle, Kelli Miguez

Gadgets and Gizmos and Google, Oh, My!
Terri Simpson

Incorporating Technology in Your Lesson
Ashley Guillory

PowerPoint…More Than a Slideshow!
Phyllis Derise
Yvette Ardoin

9:00 am - 9:50 am Watch Your Classroom Explode with Cool Web Tools
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

Producing Powerful (and Pretty) Infopics
Tony Vincent

Story Maps: Empowering Students to Tell the Story of the Great Flood of 2016
Eric Brownfield

STEM in Elementary School
Lauren Lloyd

Get Organized with OneNote
Wiley Brazier

Ways to Analyze the CSV LEAP Data File
Steven Comfort

Technology Tips for Teachers
Katrina Jordan
Michelle Brunson

Implementing Google Apps for Education in Your District
Luke Purdy

The Adventures of an Elementary Robotics Club
Emily Swenson

QuickKey Mobile Assessment
Cecilia Jernigan
Amanda Fontenot, Shannon McSwain, Christopher Martin

Got Plickers??
LeeAnn Reon

Click It, the Formative Impact!
Taschica Hansley
Nadine Stewart

Capture Chroma Creativity in Your Classroom
Tanika Randle
Lawanda Donald

Building Literacy Skills Through the Use of Technology
Marlyn Guillen

Tech Starter Kit
Courtney Hebert

10:00 am - 10:50 am Increase Your Super Human Skills with Nearpod
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

Do It Yourself Study Aids: Winning Websites and Apps
Tony Vincent

Level Up! Gamify a Curriculum Unit
Holley Fontenot

Flip It!: Using a Flipped Classroom Model for Instructional Coaching
Teniesha Mahoney

#LAWRITES: Our Story of the Great Flood 2016
Nikole Blanchard

The Filter Revolution Your School Has Been Waiting For!
Scott Meeks

On the Horizon: Examining the NMC's 2016 Report and the Implications for Louisiana Teachers
Dustin Whitlock

The Price is Right! Free Tech Tools to Create Winning Lessons
Mitzi Vincent

Using the Showbie App to Create a Paperless Classroom
Anna Saleme

Scratch: Coding for Kids Who Live in a Digital World
Mike Rabourn

15 Chrome Extensions You and Your Students Need to Use
Paula Naugle
Evie Vollenweider

Virtual Education: The Future Is Now!
Keegan Cruse
Casey Tripp

Are You 'Assess Obsessed'?
Kristen Kenney
Heather LeBlanc

Let's Get Interactive!
Amy Vaccarella

Differentiation to Reach Mastery in ELA
Cathy Gambel

11:00 am - 11:50 am Google Goodies
Brooke Fontenot
Lindsey Keely, Shanon Juneau

Simple and Easy Ways to be a Techie Teacher
Pamela Nicholson

Techy Teachers: Top 10 Websites that Will Make Teaching a Piece of Cake!
Kimberly Papillion
Olivia Smith, Julie Simmons

Don't Want to Get Married?....Well Get Engaged!! Student Engaged!
Shannon Watkins

Chromebook Implementation K-12 with TechnoKids
Jason Mercer

Designing and Maintaining the Network to Support a Smart School
Chip Thompson

ELA/Social Studies Websites That Work!
Candice Breaux
Heidi Guillory

Absolute Software for Chrome - Web Filtering & Recovery
Travis Krischke
Russ Welton

We are FLIPPING for Success!
Tye Meyer

Tech Execs: A Technology Team Approach
Christine Foster
Trisha Chauvin

Engage an Audience with Interactive Elements
Meredith Boullion

Getting Started with Microsoft OneNote
Karla Kiper

Flip This Room! I Want to Do That!
Nelann Taylor

Digital Literacy Readiness
Jessica Bychurch
Julie Rexford

Keeping it Simple: Technology for Non-Techies
Trish Taylor

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm It’s Time for a Refill!
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology
Tony Vincent

Bridging the Gap with Technology
Angela Lee

More than Movement: Go Noodle in the Classroom
Jessica Vicknair
Kristi Dunckelman

Chromebooks Purchased and Delivered, Now What?
Matthew Chauvin
Rhonda Schexnayder

Supporting Innovation in Your Schools
Amy Brown

Harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Personalize Your Device and Increase Productivity
Ashley (Nash) Lavine

Empower Teachers and Drive Student Growth with the Best-in-Class K-12 Education Technology Platform
Sam Sale

Make Work Rule! Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Lead
Britton Picciolini

In Need Indeed
Marcie Rome
Danette Manuel

Keyboarding for Digital Learners
Gia Deleveaux

3 P's in a Nearpod
Courtney Dumas
Miranda Britt

Cite That - Using Library of Congress Archives and Digital Tools to Capture Student Interest
Ruth Brewington

Does Your ClassDojo?
Maggie Punch
Kimberley Du

Using Data Daily
Charles Anderson

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm Organize Your Life with LiveBinders
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

Making Media That Sticks
Tony Vincent

Innovate: The Value of Teachers in a Technology-Infused Classroom
Jeremy Henriques
Katharine James

Equity in Personalized Learning: Using Technology To Empower All Students
Nate Kellogg

Genius Hour: Not Just For Google Anymore
Debi Crabtree
Tiffanie Lewis

Getting Googley
Marcie Hebert

Digital Tools and Strategies for Close Reading
Shelly Justice

Reading for Meaning with Read Naturally's Read Live
Barb Denbow

A Hitchhikers Guide to Technology in PE
Jessica Carnes
Thomas Rogers

BRAND NEW Learn360!
Steve Finch

How to More Effectively Manage your Chromebook Fleet Safely and Securely While Ensuring your Students Stay on Task While Using Them
Mark Russo

1 to 1 Going Google in the Classroom
Ann Gogarty

It's Alive!!!
Raquel Pigee

OneNote and Class Notebooks
Zachary Leger
Abby Tate

Making the Most of DOJO in the Classroom
Evelyn Pachankis
Chaylor Garner

Bolden 1 Bolden 2 Bolden 3 Bolden 4 Bolden 5 Bolden 6
8:00 am - 9:30 am Improving School Culture Through Mindfulness and Social Media
Ontario Griffin

The iFix for Reading & Writing
Justin Sims
Kristine Taylor

iScreencast, uScreencast, Everyone can Screencast!
Sara Dempster
Cynthia Vavasseur, Marcus Stein

Edmodo Basics
Desiree Alexander

Cyber Certification Through the Louisiana Tech Office of Professional Education Outreach
Lindsey Keith-Vincent
Kevin Nolten, Don Schillinger

Coding With Robotics in the Elementary Classroom
Phyllis Arndt

10:00 am - 11:30 am Yes, You Can Code!
Angela Kiser
Pam Nicholson

Storyboard That in the Social Studies Classroom
Katie Rodgers
Katie Petitto, Rachel Pearce

Writing with Technology
Shelly McRae

Weebly: How to Create Professional, Easy Websites for Free
Desiree Alexander

Using Tech Tools to Unleash Literacy
Valerie Burton

Digital Media: A Lens on Adobe Basics, Learning Management Systems, and the Paperless Classroom
Scott McPherson

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Quizzes and Tests that Grade Themselves: Where Can I Sign Up?
Jennifer Latiolais
Charee Theriot

Blended Learning – No Experience Necessary! Blended Learning for Beginners!
Tony Skauge
Barry Arnold, Lance Peytavin

STEM in Motion
Apple, Inc.

Googling (Preparing) for Online Testing
Justin Sims
Kristine Taylor

Get Wrapped Up in Digital Literacy
Jodi Burr
Carolyn Swift

Hands-On with Snowflake MultiTeach Collaborative Software and MultiTouch Displays
Lynn Marentette
Billy Garren