December 7-9, 2016
Hyatt Regency New Orleans, New Orleans, LA




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10:30 am - 11:20 am What’s New? What’s Hot? What’s Cool?
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

iPad as the Teacher’s Pet
Tony Vincent

EverFi: Critical Skills for Life
Lauren Pingul

The Impact of Virtual Guest Speakers
Christina Carrion
Megan Agaisse, Kim McCalmont

STM ON AIR: Student Run Live Studio Broadcast
Robin Herrington
Scott Johnstone, Chris Landreneau

How to Inspire STEAM Using 3D Virtual Reality in the Classroom
Virginia Robinson
Joe Parlier

Building Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Problem-Solving in a Fab Lab
Kelly Maher

Using Coding and Robotics to Teach Math
Susanna Klusendorf
Lisa Valence

21st Century Digital Classroom
Suresh Chiruguru

Empowering Students with QR Codes
Jo Ann Mayo

Top 10 Must-Have Apps to Use in the Classroom!
Misty Savario

Real World Scholars: Student-Run Businesses in the 21st Century Classroom
F. Margret Atkinson

Digital Literacy Tools for ALL!
Kristine Taylor
Tammy Dupre

Building a Classroom Community with ClassDojo
Katie Villien

Tools of the Trade - Basic
Judy Kane

11:30 am - 12:20 pm Brainbreaks: Using Improv to Open Up Thinking
Carl Hooker

Get Creative with Google Slides and Drawings
Tony Vincent

Personalized Learning Blended with Technology
Colleen Charles

A Smorgasbord of Technology Tips & Tricks
Kris Clements

Using an Innovation and Design Lab to Facilitate Project-Based Learning
Brianna Sommers
Stacy Rennhoff

Grow Your Teachers Through Google!!!!
Amy Gayle
Courtney Mancuso

Connect Globally with GRA
Rachel Beaumont
Tania Arnaud

Using Tech to Its Maximum Potential with SAMR
Tammy Seneca
Stephanie Thompson, Mandy Poche

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…that Make my Life Easier
Jacqueline Bello

Is Technology Making a Difference in Your District?
Sheryl Abshire
Kim Leblanc, Lisa Mullett

A Rookie's Transformation from Traditionalist Teacher to 21st Century Teacher
Emily Webre

Making Thinking Visible with Nearpod
Brian Mull

Top 10 Tech Tools To Try!
Claudia Suazo

Tech for BYTE-Sized Learners
Stefanie Self
Brandi Felice, Taylor Miller

It's Not Me, It's You!
Brittany Pike
Cherry Donaldson

12:30 pm - 1:20 pm Slammin’, Jammin’ Apps & Apptivities
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

Clone Yourself with QR Codes
Tony Vincent

Integrating Robotics into Elementary and Middle Grades Math
Ashley Townsend
Jenny Bruno

Sharing Individualized Student Data with Students to Promote Success using Google Education
Hasan Suzuk
Hifzullah Celik

Technology Support and Service: Fostering Student Leadership through Local & International Tech Integration
John Richardson
Colette Burke, Krysia Sherburne

Sailing into SAMR
LaShona Dickerson

Technology in Math Class
Therra Williams

LiveBinders ­ Digital Filing Cabinet With a Click
Danna Bouey
Josh Miller

Can We Talk? I Tech Tub, You Can Tech Tub Too!
Melinda Blache

Getting a Jump Start on Career and Technical Education for All Learners
Misty Blackmon

Using Scholastic News in the School Library
Kelli Broussard

What Comes Next in Wi-Fi: Why Increasing Speed Isn’t Enough
Alexandra Gates

Tools For The Modern Classroom
Angela Ardoin
Matt Barfield

Multiplication and Division Problem-Solving Models
Stephanie Purser

Escape the Traditional Classroom with Breakout EDU! - Elementary
Kristy Rocquin
Amy Ard, Kathy Prine, Dina Spears

2:30 pm - 3:20 pm No More PowerPoints - Make Your Presentations Interactive!
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

Draw Your Own Illustrations, Clipart & Avatars
Tony Vincent

Voice…Choice…Rejoice: Personalized Learning to Increase Student Engagement
Dewey Eaves

Help Me, I'm Poor!
Kristi DeRoche
Kristi Dunkelman

Digital Portfolios: Seesaw, My Create, Toontastic, Funny Movie Maker, ChatterKids, and MORE!
Anne Stackel

Improving Student Performance Through Social Emotional Learning Strategies
Christopher Balow

Online Resources for Math Teachers
Renee Hartley
Tiwanaha Washington

Utilizing Technology to Provide Effective Differentiation
Alana Jackson
Stacy Bradford

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...about iPads in Early Childhood
Jacqueline Bello

RE'MAKE' THE LIBRARY: The Making of a Makerspace
Hollie Williams
Amanda Reulet, Rebecca Gerdes

Escape from the Traditional Class with Breakout EDU! - Middle School
Dina Spears
Kathy Prine, Amy Ard, Kristy Rocquin

Shaking Up ELA
Mandy Perret
Tara Jones

Swivl Camera
Ashley Atkins
Brian Bridges

Tackling the Louisiana Digital Literacy Guidelines
Mandy Poche
Stephanie Thompson

Playing SMART in SMART Learning Suite
Monica Sprinkle

3:30 pm - 4:20 pm Digital Tools to Strut Your Stuff
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

Learning Spaces…the Final Frontier
Carl Hooker

The “G” Spot….Because Google Alone Wouldn't Catch Your Attention
Lacey Morel-Bueche
Rebecca Stephenson, Brittney Canezaro

Interest, Engagement, and Formative Assessment in the BYOD Classroom!
Miranda Jones
April Bonner

Do Something: Research Projects that Make a Difference
Denise Altobello
Brian Mull

FileWave 101: Simplify your Management of Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android Devices Within a Single Platform.
Stephen Mirante
Michael Hughes

The Flipped Middle School Classroom Using Google Classroom
Penny Arcement
Katie Griffin

The NEW Kurzweil 3000+firefly: Literacy & Test-Taking Technology
Missy Tatum

Growth MindSet + Machine Learning: Concept to Classroom
Helen Long

Getting Kids Addicted to Math - Gamification
Hannah Wright

Technology Integration for the ELA Classroom
Crystal Mallett

Tech Diva Reloaded
Shonda Brooks

Computer Science from K - 12
Kristin Thibodeaux

This Librarian Doesn't JUST Check Out Books
Janet Gary
Sean Dronet

The Lit Life: Teaching Literature in a Tech Savvy, Student-Centered Classroom and Applying it to Other Classes
Casey Giglio

4:30 pm - 5:20 pm Pinterest for Educators
Janet Corder
Joan Gore

We’re Live! The Ins and Outs of Live Broadcasting
Tony Vincent

Bring the World's Experts into Your Classroom
Annie Tete

Using Technology and Social Media to Brand Your School/Library and Yourself
Desiree Alexander
Kailie Leblanc

The Blended Learning Classroom
Claudine Townley

Keyboarding Skills in the 21st Century? Yes, They Still Matter
DJ Ellsworth
David Ellsworth

Instructional Design? Let's Look At Some Excellent Examples...
Mike Beutner

Web Security Threats
Robert Ogan

Maker Space QR Code Access to eBooks
David Burrow
Curt Farris

Computational Thinking in the Science Classroom
Jessica Baker

Edpuzzle Without the Puzzlement
Danielle deLaune
Nicole Berberet

Authentic Learning for the 21st Century Classroom
Kioh Kim
Heather Kennedy, Nils Borquist

Amy Matthews
Michele Cowan

6 Free Websites for Creating Captivating Content for Students
Nichelle Tolbard

Banzai; Making Financial Literacy Fun
Julia Prince

Bolden 1 Bolden 2 Bolden 3 Bolden 4 Bolden 5 Bolden 6
10:30 am - 12:00 pm Embracing Technology in the Classroom
Laurie Cunningham

2 for 1! Help Shape ISTE Teacher Standards and Catch the Latest Mobile Learning Buzz
Susan Larson
Nancye Blair Black

Go Nuts for Nearpod!
Lindsey Keely
Brooke Fontenot, Shanon Juneau

No More Paper Using Google Forms
Desiree Alexander

Creating an Exceptional Paperless Lesson
Jessica Montgomery

iPad Apps for Middle Schools and High Schools
Dana Daughety

12:10pm - 1:30 pm Let's Play in the Digital Sandbox: Use a New Tool and Share Your Knowledge
Valerie Burton

Wikis - They're Useful to Everybody!
Inkie Landry
Bonnie Bernstein

Can We Talk?...Apps to Support Students Who Struggle with Expressive Language
Julie White
Kay Bolen

3D Modeling: Using 3D to Create Digital Projects
James McCrary

Google Apps for Instructional Leaders
Wiley Brazier

Micro-Credentials: Upping Your Professional Development Game
Andrea Rodrigue

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Makerspace: Dream to Reality
Rachel Delcambre

Project KINES and Promotion of Health and Technology to Teach Content
Lindsey Keith-Vincent
Jordan Blazo, Ashley Ellis, Ladd Jackson

Don’t Time Travel, Save Time…with Google Apps and Add-ons
Tiffany Dumatrait
Anne Cooke

Drive into Collaborative Instruction: Using Google Drive for More than Storage
Desiree Alexander

A COMPASS Planning Tool
April Cole

Sharing is Caring: Keeping Students Engaged Using Free Resources like ClassFlow, Google Classroom, PBS Learning Media, Symbaloo, and More
Allie Segura

4:10 pm - 5:20 pm Music and Media Mayhem: A Guide to Digital Media in the Classroom
Alayna Dugas
Morgan Vondenstein, NeeKee McDonald

What's So Sweet About G suite (formerly Google apps)?
Tracie King
Michael Roussell

Meet Mathspace: The World's Smartest Adaptive Math Program
Donna Vorenkamp

Google Apps for Beginners
Alicia Ward

3D Printing; The Next Revolutionary Technology
Lynda Delo

Get Your Classroom Cooking: Mix, Blend, and Flip Lessons
Melanie LeJeune
Linda Gail Shumaker